This is one of the only photographs I have of my grandfather. My dad found it and it had been torn, so he edited it on photoshop and then I turned it into a screen print. I made it last year. I put it up in my room so I can remember to think about him, Esteban. It makes me sad to know so little about him and to have my dad be so disconnected from their parents.

I don't know my grandfather and my dad barely did as well. Having the process of making this photo into a print is the most time i've spent with Esteban/thinking about Esteban. He's dead and i know so little about him. All I really know is that he left my grandmother and then that he had a second family in puerto rico. And that he died in a car crash in Lares. I met all of them recently and they are all wonderful and warm and also sad about losing this father too soon. They have many pets and speak quickly and loudly. They took us to the intersection where Esteban died. I don't remember talking too much about what he was like, it's funny.

~Marissa Perez

Chai the dog passed away last year in 2022 at the approximate age of 16-17. He was born in October and was 100% a Scorpio.

~Joaquin Golez