From There to Here is an ongoing archive of my time in PSU’s Art + Social Practice MFA program.



I don't know my grandfather and my dad barely did as well. Having the process of making this photo into a print is the most time i've spent with Esteban/thinking about Esteban. He's dead and i know so little about him. All I really know is that he left my grandmother and then that he had a second family in puerto rico. And that he died in a car crash in Lares. I met all of them recently and they are all wonderful and warm and also sad about losing this father too soon.

The fiddle belonged to my step-grandmother, Karen Kotler Kelly, affectionately known as “KK.” She was Grandma KK to me. My grandma grew up in New York to a Jewish family, and played the fiddle her whole life. She traveled around and played folk music throughout her life, eventually settling down in Florida and starting a family. Grandma KK passed away in February 2020; I miss her everyday.