FOR YOU is a collection of projects dedicated to people I love. A large part of my practice revolves around memorializing relationships and each of the works in this series is dedicated to a specific person in an attempt to capture what we are or were to each other.


I was almost 8 years old when my baby brother was born. This age difference put me in the special position of getting to watch him grow up in a way that wouldn’t have been the same had we been closer in age. Because of this, we developed a special bond, one I hold so close to my heart. For You, Baby Brother is a message to him. a work that attempts to show him how much I, and everyone in his life, love him.


For You, Wherever You Are is an ode in video form. It’s an ode to my grandfather. To the way he loved us and the way we loved him. it’s a reckoning with what it means to lose and what it means to miss the final moments. It’s an homage to the memory of him. It’s a hope that maybe, just maybe, he hears me, wherever he is.


Growing up, I thought my dad was the coolest. In high school he took me to see the Black Keys in Brooklyn and Young the Giant in Manhattan. We’d spend days wandering around SoHo, exploring art galleries and perusing the Doc Marten store (he bought me my first pair, still my favorite seven years later). Basically, he filled my heart up with the best memories. This video - it’s an ode to my dad. To every person he was before he was my dad. And a big fat thank you to the universe for giving him to me.